Welcome to Leantime. We are excited to show you around and help you get started. 

Leantime focuses your project around 3 major categories: Discover, Plan and Track. Each section represents a distinct process in project management; that is design thinking, lean and agile.

1. Discover!

Our Business Research section is your new home for your ideas. This section is designed to take you through the steps of customer development, problem research, and solution ideation.

2. Plan!

Our roadmap is designed to take you from smaller manageable milestones to big picture completion. Plan for milestones about 1-3 months long and use these project markers to stay on target.

3. Track!

This is where you’ll spend most of your time - doing. Plan your 2 week Sprints and execute successfully with the Kanban Board and our Backlog tools. Use Retrospectives to grow for the next Sprint.

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