The Idea Board is your mobile note pad for you and your teams Ideas.

Create multiple boards and tab through them.  Allow all your teammates to share ideas, images, comment, critique and attach to milestones.  

Let's review it in process:

Jane's writing a textbook and her publisher is requesting the book for completion within the year.  She has some ideas for the book and the direction it should take.  Her and her publisher are collaborating together with these ideas.  In Leantime, Jane is an Admin and her Publisher is a "Client".  

Jane is brainstorming ideas for Chapter 3.  Jane creates a card for each idea.  Her cards read as follows: 

  1. The Microbiology of Viruses
  2. Flu Viruses
  3. Animals
  4. Hosts

Her Publisher doesn't like the title of #4 and comments, adding a suggestion: "What about calling it Humans instead?" Jane agrees and makes plans for the new title.

Jane can now tie these Ideas to her milestone: Viruses.  She can then use the titles to plan her backlog and Sprint related To Dos.  Her publisher can review her progress and continue collaborating for future chapters.

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