Arnica Ghost Theme

Arnica Ghost Introduction

Arnica Ghost is a multipurpose Ghost theme to create an outstanding blog website.  You will get a clean, polished and modern website with Arnica Ghost Theme. It’s a ready website template for your personal or business blog.

Arnica Ghost built with  Ghost blogging platform CMS. This theme has all necessary features for a blog. You will get tons of features in that theme.  This theme has authors page, tags page, featured slider, disqus comment integration and auto ad injection feature.

Theme Installation

Here following the steps to install our ghost theme :

1. At first login to the admin panel of your Ghost blog. If you don’t have the blog ready then get a managed ghost hosting from themeix in an affordable price.  Now login  to your blog. Example URL:

2. Select the Design option from the left side of your ghost admin panel  and then navigate to the themes section.

Open your Design Option

3.  Click on the Upload a Theme button.

4. An upload option should appear. Now drag the theme ( ) file in that area. You should get that zip file from our downloaded package.

5. Once completed the theme upload, click on Activate Now button and then activate the theme.

Create a Ghost Content Key

To use the Axotic theme you must need to create a content key from your admin panel. Generate a new Content API Key by using the following steps :

1. From Ghost Admin Dashboard click on Integrations

2. And then click add custom integration 

3.  Write any name for that custom integration and then click Create

4. Now the key will be generate, just hover over it and copy the code.

Congrats! You got your ghost content api key for your blog. Now use that in next step.

Activate Content Key

To activate your content key, add the following code in Code Injection > Blog Header area.

var site_url =;
var site_content_key = xxxxxxx;
view raw.js hosted with ❤ by GitHub

Change the site url to your current blog url where you wanna use axotic theme and paste your content key by replacing the “xxxxxxx”. Example : 9488bb95272270edf30440ed84

It should be look like that,

Featured Slider Option

There have a Featured post slider carousel in that theme. It displaying at the top of the page under the navigation bar. If you want to display your post in Featured Slider, just save the post as Featured Post